About This Site

This site was created to honor the memory of our daughter, Gabrielle, who was born nearly two months early on August 8th, 2014. “Gabee”, the older twin sister, was a tough little girl who had overcome many battles in her 98 day NICU stay. On December 8th, 2014 — her lungs and heart just couldn’t keep up. If you want, you can read Gabrielle’s story (as written for Area Woman magazine) or listen to our 2015 radiothon interviews.

While Gabrielle was fighting in the NICU, we noticed a Children’s Miracle Network sticker on the back of several pieces of equipment — including the first ventilator she was on after birth. It was that moment we recognized our need to be involved with great children’s charities and ultimately support the children and parents who will have to face these tough times. The charity menu on top is a list of charities we love and respect the most.

Aside from a place to redirect you to the websites of great children’s charities, we wanted to have a section that highlighted some of the things that have been done in Gabrielle’s memory — minus the monetary donations, of course.